Brian Morales

Composer & Conductor

Brian Morales is a New York-based composer and conductor. Originally from California, he has participated in both concert and commercial fields; composing both orchestral works and film scores, orchestrating theatrical productions, and conducting ensembles. Some of his recent works include Autumn Chrysalis (for violin, violoncello, clarinet, pipa, and yangqun) in a collaborative project with the Sforzando Collective and Kyrie (for SATB) from his Missa Brevis, which premiered at the 2017 European American Musical Alliance Nadia Boulanger Institute in Paris. Prior works include two short ballets: Blank Space (for violin, clarinet, bassoon, violoncello, and piano) which premiered at the 2017 Creating Higher Ground Festival in New York City, and Was it a Dream? (for violin and violoncello) which premiered at the 2016 NYC10 Dance Festival with respective choreographers Temple Kemezis and Julia Bengtsson. Morales has also received notable mention for his work as a conductor on Adam Taylor’s Youtube operas: The Tinder Opera  and Something Blue (by Scott Joiner) and Someone Like Me (by Nathan Fletcher). In 2012 he was nominated for an Olivier Award for his orchestrations of The Color Purple (directed by John Doyle) at the Menier Chocolate Factory in London. Morales received his Masters degree from the Manhattan School of Music in Richard Danielpour's composition studio and his Bachelors degree from California State University in Fullerton where he studied composition with Pamela Madsen and counterpoint with Lloyd Rodgers.