Maker of Musics and Other Fine Things


The Flickering

3333, 4331, timpani, 1 percussion, celesta, harp, strings - 8 to 10 minutes (2018)

This piece explores the nature of feelings that occur in the flickering of an instant; be it love, embarrassment, or anxiety.


2222, 2200, strings - 10 to 12 minutes (2018)

This work is derived from 3 famous statues by Alberto Giacometti. A work in 3 parts, its static harmony explores the colors of vertical harmonic structures.


2222, 4231, timpani, 3 percussion, strings - 7 to 8 minutes (2017)

This music emulates the heartbeat of something coming; at first calm and tranquil and then bombastic and fanfare-like.

Introduzione e Caccio

2222, 4331, timpani, 2 percussion, piano, strings - 6 to 7 minutes (2017)

This fun little piece introduces a musical idea, scurries around the orchestra in a wild roller coaster to its Eulenspiegel-esque ending.

A New Elation

2222, 4331, timpani, 3 percussion, piano/celesta, harp, strings - 5 to 6 minutes (2017)

This exuberant work is a great opener for any concert. It captures the exhilaration of first time experiences through the lens of a youthful listener.

String Orchestra - 5 minutes (2019)

This rapid-fire string work is inspired by the techniques employed by Haydn. Great music for an intermediate level.


Arrangement of music by J.S. Bach

1 oboe, 1 english horn, 1 bassoon, 1 horn, strings - 5 to 6 minutes (2016)

This work was featured in the award-winning documentary: New York Scherzo.

Prelude (from English Suite no. 2 in A minor)

Arrangement of music by F. Chopin

String Orchestra - 3 minutes (2014)

Orchestrated as a homework assignment, this piece is an excellent challenge for young orchestras.

Prelude Op. 28 no. 4 (in E minor)

2222 (doubling piccolo, alto flute, english horn, bass clarinet and contrabassoon), 4231, 4 percussion, celesta, harp, strings - 11 minutes (2018)

This music was originally composed for a film and is now re-orchestrated for the standard orchestra.




…Of Cosmic Things

SSAATTBB and viola - 5 to 6 minutes (2018)

Text by Alan Seeger.

The Passionate Shepherd to his Love

SSAATTBB - 3 to 4 minutes (2018)

Text by Christopher Marlowe.


SATB - 2 minutes (2017)

Sacred text.

Im Wunderschönen Monat Mai

Arrangement of music by F. Schubert

SSAATTBB - 3 minutes (2015)

Text by Heinrich Heine



Harlem Dances

String Quartet - 7 to 8 minutes (2018)

A challenging work that draws from the rhythms and cultures of Harlem and Washington Heights.

To This Great Land

Piano Trio - 13.5 minutes (2018)

Originally used as a film score, and then later set to a ballet, this work borrows the “American” sonorities employed by composers such as Aaron Copland and Samuel Barber.

Autumn Chrysalis

Violin, Clarinet, Violoncello, Chinese Pipa and Chinese Yanqun - 10 minutes (2017)

This piece utilizing two exotic Chinese instruments and explores the tranquil soundscape of artistic introspection and change.

La Danse de l’Hypnotiseur

Violin, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violoncello and Piano - 12 minutes (2017)

An off-kilter waltz that springs to life, inspired by tales of a duplicitous monarch.

Violin and Violoncello - 7.5 minutes (2016)

Originally used as music for a ballet by the same title, this piece explores harmony to its fullest expression.

Was It a Dream?

String Trio (Violin, Viola, Violoncello) - 3 to 4 minutes (2016)

This work is dedicated to my teacher, Lloyd Rodgers, who was the first teacher to reveal what to listen for in music. With some perseverance, this fugue developed into something he would be proud of.

Fugue in D minor

2 Horns and Piano Four Hands - 11.5 minutes (2016)

This three movement work (Zanni, Vecchi, Inamoratti) emulate characters from Comedia del’Arte.

Le Immagini Del Circo

2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 1 Bass Clarinet, 2 Bassoons, 2 Horns, String Quartet - 6 minutes (2016)

This minimalist piece depicts the cyclical nature of greed. Mammon is referred to as the god of greed and consumption - to which his demon minions dance to this hypnotic music.

Mammon’s Maschine



Fiori Musicali

For Intermediate Band - 4 Flutes, 1 Oboe, 4 Clarinets in Bb, 1 Bass Clarinet, 1 Bassoon, 2 Alto Saxophones, 1 Tenor Saxophone and 1 Baritone Saxophone, 2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 2 Trombones, 1 Euphonium, 1 Tuba, 1 Contrabass, Timpani, Glockenspiel, Cymbals

4 minutes (2019)

To The Moon and Back (or Abstract Music for Earth and Space)

For Advanced Band - 1 Piccolo, 4 Flutes, 2 Oboes (1 doubling English Horn), 1 Clarinet in Eb, 4 Clarinets in Bb, 1 Bass Clarinet, 2 Bassoon, 1 Contrabassoon, 2 Alto Saxophones, 1 Tenor Saxophone, 1 Baritone Saxophone, 4 Horns, 3 Trumpets in Bb, 2 Trombones, 1 Bass Trombone, 1 Euphonium, 1 Tuba, 1 Piano (doubling Celesta), Timpani, 4 Percussion

9.5 minutes (2015)

Adagietto (from Symphony no. 5)

Arrangement of music by G. Mahler

For Advance Band - 1 Piccolo, 2 Flutes, 1 Oboe, 1 English Horn, 3 Clarinets in Bb, 1 Bass Clarinet, 2 Bassoons, 2 Alto Saxophones, 1 Tenor Saxophone, 1 Baritone Saxophone, 4 Horns, 3 Trumpets in Bb, 3 Trombones, 1 Euphonium, 1 Tuba, Timpani, 1 Percussion, 1 Marimba, 1 Glockenspiel, 1 Tubular Bells

8 minutes (2015)